GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax

GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax

Scales of Justice: The GBGA launches an additional appropriate challenge, this time up against the point of consumption taxation.

The Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) has launched a 2nd challenge to the new British Gambling Bill, AKA the Gambling (Licensing & Advertising) Act, having seen its initial challenge thrown out of London High Court earlier in the month.

Even though the company’s first challenge contested the Act itself, the demand that is new a judicial review focuses solely on the brand new point of consumption income tax, which, being a income tax issue rather than a certification issue, has been going right on through separate appropriate procedures.

The idea of usage tax will introduce a 15 per cent duty on all gambling operators that want to activate with the market that is british each of whom must additionally be certified and regulated in britain.

Again, the GBGA will argue that the legislation is unlawful and that the idea of consumption income tax breaches Article 56 of the Treaty on the Functioning associated with European Union, which deals with the movement that is free of across borders between EU member states.

Rogue Operators

‘This tax is a restriction on the conditions of services,’ said the GBGA. ‘There are no equivalent precedents of this British federal Government seeking to tax entities abroad in respect of the supply of solutions into the united kingdom without g Continue reading “GBGA Takes on UK Gambling Bill Point of Consumption Tax”

Gambling on eSports Becoming Mainstream

Gambling on eSports Becoming Mainstream

Fans can now bet on competitive matches in games like League of Legends.

Competitive video games, or eSports, have seen their popularity grow by leaps and bounds in the final few years.

Online sites that are streaming Twitch have made the games more accessible to fans, and even ESPN has broadcast a handful of championship matches in games like Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

And just like any endeavor that is competitive a big fan base and lots of players and groups to follow, it didn’t take a long time before the thought of wagering on matches started to grab steam as well.

Gambling on eSports is quickly becoming a big company, and many organizations are searching to money in about what could be the next development market for online betting.

Just this week, a brand new startup business known as Unikrn established a sleek site which allows players from around the world (where online sports betting is legal, at the very least) to wager on upcoming matches in League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and other popular competitive games.

Unikrn Targeting Europe, Asia, Australia

Unikrn was founded in Seattle, however right now, fans in the United States can’t bet on matches: online sports betting isn’t legal generally in most of the country, and also live sports betting is restricted to simply a states that are few.

But also for the business, that just means focusing on other markets for the full time being, with Europe, Asia and Aus Continue reading “Gambling on eSports Becoming Mainstream”

Revere to Sue Massachusetts Gaming Commission Over Everett License

Revere to Sue Massachusetts Gaming Commission Over Everett License

Suffolk Downs Racetrack will be forced to close following unsuccessful Revere casino bid.

The City of Revere near Boston will sue the Massachusetts Gaming Commission over its decision to award the East Massachusetts casino video gaming license to Wynn Resorts over Mohegan Sun. Mohegan Sun, which desired to build a $526 million casino on land owned by the Suffolk Downs Racetrack in Revere, lost the license battle last month after a protracted bidding process which cost both sides huge amount of money, and at times descended into tit for tat recriminations.

While Wynn now focuses on its vision of creating a resort in Everett, just a few miles to the eastern, Revere is left to pick up the pieces and mourn the resulting closure regarding the historic Suffolk Downs thoroughbred racetrack.

The horseracing industry had been hit with a 40 percent reduction in recent years and it was believed that the proposed Mohegan Sun resort would be adequate to save lots of Suffolk Downs, whose owners had pledged to carry on running for at least another 15 years should Revere win the permit.

In fact, the necessity to safeguard Suffolk Downs was one of the primary motivations for the establishment of the 2011 Gambling Act, which expanded casino gaming in the state and created the eastern Massachusetts casino license. The decision to go with Wynn Resorts has hammered the nail that is final the thoroughbred horseracing industry Continue reading “Revere to Sue Massachusetts Gaming Commission Over Everett License”