Overseas PhD Program “Transformations in European Societies”

Overseas PhD Program “Transformations in European Societies”

“European boundaries for a sheet of paper”

Rabat, Morocco (September, 2012): It’s a Saturday afternoon. The sheet of paper fixed rose-brides.com/german-brides in the pillar will dec moroccans that are >These a spouse or perhaps a spouse in Germany. But when they desire to live here together, they want a visa and also to get it, it is obligatory to own this certificate A1. That’s what migration policies need for individuals from alleged „third nations“ who will be hitched with A german resident. This outcome is not just about when they can go to Germany or not and that means if they can live together with their partner in the near future or not if they have reached level A1 or not, it is also about. (There is extra information in regards to the incident described above on Transformation-Blog.com; the project that is doctoral this photo)

“Local engagement”

Basel, Switzerland (2013): the image shows a cleansing campaign in a neighbourhood district of Basel. The cleansing campaign ended up being organised much like a Flashmob. Facebook, leaflets as well as other media had been used to draw awareness of the big event. A gazebo tent was put up at the weekly neighbourhood market at the day of the activity. In the tent, individuals could easily get plastic that is yellow, serving both being a security and also as an icon for the cleansing campaign. At 1 p.m. a small grouping of about 60 people began their march, gathering trash along a peaceful part road. The collected rubbish was put on a pile in a park, group pictures were taken and the rubbish was removed after a while. The cleansing campaign ended having a get-together with drinks and treats. Alongside the cleansing aspect, neighbourhood events like this it’s possible to be observed as a method of turning coexistence into togetherness and of producing – to speak into the terms of Arjun Appadurai – „local subjects“. Occasions could be an easy method of (re)activating the experience of neighbourhood as well as being neighbours. ( The doctoral task behind this image.)

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