14 things you should know before dating a musician

14 things you should know before dating a musician

Thinking about becoming associated with a musician? We advise care. And freedom.

It, this could be you before you know.

Here is a detail by detail break down of whenever you must know.

1. They shall never ever be on time

Rehearsal will usually overrun. The pub will often be available on the way in which from the concert to your residence. Their journey will be delayed always. Simply include a few hours onto everything and you’ll be fine.

2. Practise comes first

‘Just coming!’ *continues to nail Paganini caprice*

3. They’re just playing the third act of Tosca in their head if you’re having an important conversation about the future of your relationship

That misty, far-off look to them: there’s a reason behind it.

4. They shall sing at your

Simply in mid-conversation. You won’t understand it is coming, therefore just keep a permanent state of high alert.

5. Most of the room in your wardrobe will be full of concert black

What’s your favourite colour? Ebony? Good.

6. They shall become more skilled than your

Also if you should be truly more skilled than them an additional arena, their skill will usually outshine yours. Continue reading “14 things you should know before dating a musician”